Turnierprogramm Social Cup

Social Cup Kids Beginner

Tanz A


Fat Boy
Choreograph: Annette Badenhorst
Musik: Fat Boy by Coda Africa (Album: Disclosure)
Tanz B


Keep My Cool
Choreograph: Nicole Miller
Musik: Keep My Cool by Madcon


Social Cup Kids Improver

Tanz A


Move That Groove
Choreograph: Tina Argyle
Musik: We Are Family (A.R. Remix) by Groovy 69
Tanz B


Choreograph: Angels H Guix
Musik: Some Girls by Racey


Social Cup Adults Beginner

Tanz A


Back Together
Choreograph: Robbie McGowan Hickie
Musik: Back In My Life by Fly Project (Radio Edit)
Tanz B


Foxy Girl
Choreograph: Frank Trace
Musik: Bad Bad Girl by The Derailers


Social Cup Erwachsene Improver

Tanz A


Gypsy Queen
Choreograph: Hazel Pace
Musik: Gypsy Queen  by  Chris Norman
Tanz B


Blackpool By The Sea
Choreograph: Gaye Teather
Musik: Blackpool By The Sea by Dave Sheriff (BPM 95)